suburban stories in curious times



suburban stories in curious times




Lucinda Newton-Dunn, Martha Sakellariou and Christina Vervitsioti's connection originated in London in the late 1990's where they attended the Royal College of Art. Following two decades of living in different parts of the world, the three artists and friends have come together in California's Silicon Valley and begun working collectively. For project #2293 an on-site exhibition, they use a residential space as their source of inspiration to explore themes around suburban life and architecture, domesticity and identity. The exhibition is designed to elicit stories about the house in which it is shown, the life of its inhabitants, its patterns and forms as seen from three different angles. For information about showing times and to make an appointment for a viewing please email

Press release

Lucinda was born in the UK. She holds a BA in Art & Design from Camberwell College of Arts and an MA from the Royal College of Art in Graphic Design. After graduating she moved from London to Tokyo, where she lived for seven years working as a photographer and video artist for exhibitions and events before moving to California in 2007. Lucinda’s work is most often derived from her countless photos and day-to-day observations, frequently paying homage to pattern, the complexity of which is translated through 2D and 3D prints or drawings on fabric and paper. In recent years Lucinda has been exploring her interest in printed textiles and produced a selection of designs for the Japanese textile collective LINK. 

Martha uses the word “ritual” to describe her creative process as a series of actions that involve experiencing, observing, analyzing and finally transforming her findings through a visual language. Inspired by human experience and personal reality, the dual existence of public-private, fictional-real,  Martha’s work inevitably intertwines narratives based around gender, identity and space. Born in Athens-Greece, she received a BFA in painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts and an MA in Fine Arts from the Royal College of Art. Her work belongs to private and public collections. She has exhibited internationally and collaborated with other artists, designers and tech innovators to produce project-specific works. In 2008 she directed a curatorial project at the Whitechapel Gallery London on behalf of Friends of the Earth, an environmental organization in London.

Christina’s work brings to life the brief memories that objects project in the spaces we live. Born in Greece and raised on the island of Corfu, she then studied Photography in London, obtaining a BA from the London College of Printing and an MA in Illustration from the Royal College of Art. Her photographs focus on interpretations of interiors, architecture and urban space. She co-authored “French Interiors” (Flammarion 2009) a book that enters the world of some of France’s private residences including Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy and Madeleine Castaing. Her photographs have been published in European publications including Elle Deco, Symbol and Le Monde d’Hermes. She has worked with Christie’s on Private Collections including the photographs of the “Sale of the Century” for Yves Saint Laurent-Pierre Berge auction sale.